The importance of web architecture

arquitectura web - web architecture
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The importance of web architecture

Web architecture is one of the most important factors when starting a new project or correcting one. In the past websites used to have a horizontal architecture, but nowadays it is recommended that the SEO architecture be vertical.

With a good web architecture we will get the bots of the different search engines to track our site in a structured and faithful way. The higher a page is in the pyramid, the more important it will be and the more weight it will have on our website, so the most logical thing is that the page with the most internal links is Home.

What is vertical SEO?

Vertical SEO is based on the specialization of content. It is simple when more specialized is a web page, the easier it is to position yourself. A great example we see with the big stores, it is true that they will attract much more traffic because they will position a high number of keywords, but a new website is created, talking about a single product, where all the possible information is given of that product, you will end up surpassing it.

Search engines increasingly value the vertical web structure for a very simple reason, there are «too many» web and therefore the most complete is what will get that positioning.

How to create an optimal SEO architecture?

The architecture that I am going to define next is known as the SILO architecture, and its structure is pyramidal, having a maximum of 3 levels of depth. Next I explain all the levels:

  • Home: the tip of the iceberg, and the most important website of any website. On this page, highly competitive keywords are usually positioned and it is usually a kind of summary of the web. Its great importance lies in that the most normal thing is that it is the page of your most linked website.

  • Pillars pages: in this case we refer to the second. They are directly connected to the home page through the menu and should try to position the main keywords of our website. The content of these pages must be very interesting in the eyes of users, must provide value and can not be boring. On my website, a pillar page would be, for example, «digital marketing blog».

  • Specific pages: we talk about the third level, and in most cases last. In this case we work keywords derived from the pillars pages, for example from my page of marketing services in Gijón would come 4 pages, one for each service.

This structure is fundamental for search engines for a good reason, we offer a large amount of information and also connect it in a logical way to each other.
arquitectura web

What happens with URLs in an optimal web architecture?

URLs are more important than many people think, and therefore it is essential to also optimize their architecture. That is, the addresses of our website have to follow the same logic as the SILO architecture that I mentioned before.

Next I detail the different levels that a good architecture of URLs must have:

  • Domain: must attack the main keyword of the business or the brand. Imagine for example a dog food store,

  • 2nd step: in this case create a series of folders to differentiate the dogs according to their size. For example:ños/ or I imagine you have the idea caught. How is it considered a small dog? What should you eat a small dog? «Specific food for a small dog».

  • 3rd step: in this case we will have all the products for those dogs, and the url would be,ños/ultima-perros-pequeños/.

The good thing about creating a logic of URLs with several well-differentiated levels is that we tell search engines which keyword to position. For example in the last example indicated Google what will position is the keyword «last for small dogs».

Is it really necessary to have an optimized web architecture?

The answer is quite clear and simple, YES. Not only to achieve better positioning in the search engines, but also to improve the users experience. Before starting any web project it will be necessary to «lose» a few hours to do it right from the beginning and not have to correct it or re-address it in the future.

I trust that this article on the SEO architecture of a website can see a very interesting point that will improve the positioning of your website. If you have any questions about this topic, do not hesitate to write me or put a comment.

See you in the next article!

José Alvargonzález Fernández

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