What is SEO?

SEO consists of the optimization of search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo … SEO, also known as natural web positioning is complementary to SEM, the payment positioning. My role as an SEO consultant in Gijón is to achieve a good web positioning in Gijón, that is, to place a website among the first results of the ranking.

SEO serves to make your website as visible as possible for users. The more you see it, the more users you will have, and therefore, the more business you can get. That is why a good seo positioning in Gijón is so important.

What does a SEO consultant do?

As a SEO consultant in Gijón, I am in charge of positioning a company on the Internet. In my case, I not only take care of the planning and design of the positioning plan, I also execute it.

To carry out this web positioning, I follow a 360 SEO positioning, which I explain below.

Plan a web positioning strategy

Web positioning audit

There are many companies that think that they are present in the network only because of the fact of having a web page, and this is not the case.

With this study what is intended is to show the real situation of the company, and from there trace the way forward to improve.

Keyword selection

With my experience as a SEO consultant I have learned great tricks to get the best keywords for a company. Below I detail the steps I follow to obtain positive results:

  1. Study: I ​​carry out a study of the company, the sector and direct competition. The reason is to get an idea of ​​how the sector works in the digital world. In such a way that you can know the keywords most used by the competition.
  2. Selection of keywords: following the previous step, we will now select the keywords for the web page. In this case I use several digital marketing tools to know how often searches are carried out. I select the ones that have a better CTR, that is, in this case more searches for less results. I select a main keyword and at least 2 secondary ones for each page.

This would be the first step to be made as a SEO consultant. Once the keywords have been selected, you can start creating content.

Content creation

Google is giving more and more importance to the quality of the content. A few years ago if you chose a keyword, and put it 20 times on the web would position well, but now that is counterproductive.

As a SEO consultant I have created content for more than 15 companies from different sectors. For this I read blogs, articles and pages of companies related to the sector. A minimum of 300 words per page, to be able to easily include the words that interest us.

As a SEO specialist, I am a supporter of a local SEO strategy. That is, if your company is in London, be the first to appear when someone does a search related to your sector, even if you do not indicate the word “london” in your search. Later I explain it in more detail.

Linkbuilding strategy

The linkbuilding consists in the creation of links to your web page. The more words related to your website, the better positioning you will have. For example, if there are 20 links pointing to your services page, let’s say, legal advice. Google will understand that you are dedicated to that, and that you have a reputation on the network.

As a SEO specialist, I have planned linkbuilding strategies for more than 30 companies, developing the articles myself to get the links. In this case I look at the secondary and less relevant keywords on the web.

When are changes in organic positioning noticed?

Performing a good web positioning in London or any other city takes time. In one of the articles in my blog, I talk about the best way to achieve an effective SEO strategy.

Experience as a SEO consultant

I have been working since 2015 as a SEO consultant. My first steps were in a law firm in Gijón. My tasks there consisted in the selection of keywords for your new website, and in the planning and elaboration of a Linkbuilding strategy for the firm. Currently that law firm is in first place in more than 30 Google results. Some as interesting as “law firm in Gijón” or “Law Firm in Asturias”. In this case, the objective of web positioning in Gijón is the search for brand image.

At the end of 2016 I moved to Madrid to study a digital marketing master. At the same time that I studied, I worked. My role in the publishing house Ediciones Casiopea was that of junior SEO consultant and in charge of social networks. As in my first job I had to select the relevant keywords for the company.

Since April of 2017, I’m the head of online marketing projects at a digital marketing agency. I currently manage 13 projects, from different sectors, and with different objectives.

As a SEO consultant in Madrid I have acquired a great knowledge for the experience gained. Experience that continues to grow thanks to the arrival of new clients to the agency.

What is local SEO?

As explained a little above I am a supporter of the practice of this web positioning strategy. As a SEO specialist in Gijón, it has brought me very good results.

Local SEO refers to the search offered to a user based on their location. That is, if you search for “Italian Restaurant”, Google, or any search engine, it will show different results if you are located in Gijón or Madrid. This SEO positioning strategy in Gijón is useful for 2 reasons:

  • More than half of the searches are local. That is, a good SEO specialist in Madrid will place your restaurant in the first results for the search of “Italian restaurant in Madrid”
  • 80% of users look for information about stores and businesses in a city. Hence, a good web positioning in Madrid is necessary if your store is in the capital of Spain.

That is, if you have a store or a bar, local SEO is mandatory. The web positioning in Gijón is increasingly complicated, due to the increase in the budget in digital marketing. For this reason it is essential to contact a good SEO consultant in Gijón, to get up positions in the ranking.

A good SEO consultant should know how to control various tools and skills. Then I tell you how I am, at least as I see myself, both professionally and personally. I also indicate some digital marketing tools that I use to achieve the results.

Personal skills

  • Teamwork

  • Flexibility

  • Integrity

  • hard worker
  • Ethically responsible

  • Great communicator

  • Rigor
  • Responsable


logo analytics

Google Analytics

logo adwords

Google Adwords

Professional skills

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social Media
  • UX/UI
  • Digital Marketing

SEO Knowledge

Strategy Planning
Organic Positioning
Selection of Keywords
Content creation
Linkbuilding Strategy

Digital Marketing Tools

Google Analytics
Google Search Console

IT Tools

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint

How to achieve a good web positioning?


Do you have any questions?

If you want more information about me, or have any doubt about my experience as a SEO consultant, do not hesitate to write me. Also, you can visit the section about me, where I count all my work experience, as well as education and titles received. If you want to get a web positioning in Gijón or Madrid, do not hesitate to contact an SEO consultant in Madrid and Gijón.