Introduction to affiliate marketing

Introduction to affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular business methods in the digital world. What sets it apart from other types of advertising is that the advertiser does not pay for clicks or impressions as is usual, but for sale. In this article I give tou an introduction to affiliate marketing.…


Kanban methodology

Kanban methodology A couple of months ago I did an introductory article about agile methodologies and the advantages of their implementation in companies. In that article I mentioned two of these strategies, and today I will talk about the most popular, the agile Kanban methodology. What is the Kanban methodology? his organizational technique originated in…


How to get a good web design?

How to get a good web design? A few years ago having a web page was enough, we did not take into account any other aspect, the only important thing was to be present in the online world. Luckily today things have changed, and if you want to convert, generate more customers, or transmit a…


Why do Facebook Ads campaigns?

Why do Facebook Ads campaigns? Doing campaigns in Facebook Ads gives more and more positive data. With this guide you will learn to mount a campaign on Facebook and Instagram and give more visibility to your brand. With your ad manager you can promote your Facebook page, your publications, and you can also target your…


My digital marketing blog

In this digital marketing blog I will transmit all the knowledge I have in the digital world. Digitization is a necessary process, not only for companies, but also for people. Technology has come into our lives, and it is necessary to take full advantage of current changes to survive in an increasingly connected and competitive world. Discover all the facets in which you can stand out and get a greater personal and professional benefit. In my digital marketing blog I will cover all the relevant topics of the subject, from basic concepts to more complicated knowledge to understand and apply. The digital marketing articles will deal with 6 topics:

  • Digital Marketing: basic brushstrokes on this world. I will also talk about events or courses of interest.
  • SEO / SEM: all the keys to optimize your website and your campaigns to the maximum.
  • Social Networks: the best way to take advantage of this channel to get a great relationship with customers.
  • Web Design: discover the best tricks to design and optimize a web page of the highest quality.
  • Digital Marketing Tools: the world is full of tools. Weekly comes some new, so you must be updated.
  • Digital Transformation: knows this process a little more in depth. Necessary to adapt to technological changes and society.

Why do I write a digital marketing blog?

I have more than 3 years of experience as a web positioning specialist in Gijón and Madrid. The articles will be destined to all user levels. Valid for those people who are starting and want to give a boost to their business in their own way. In addition, I will delve into some aspects for those people who already have somewhat more advanced knowledge.

I trust that my digital marketing blog will help all those people who are interested in the world of digital marketing. 6 themes that you will surely learn from and will surprise you, whatever your profile. I hope you enjoy reading my digital marketing articles as much as I do writing for my digital marketing blog.