9 tips to improve the SEO of your company

consultor seo en gijon y madrid - 9 trucos para mejorar el SEO de tu empresa - 9 tips to improve the seo - posicionamiento web en gijon y madrid
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9 tips to improve the SEO of your company

After my first article about how to start in the world of digital marketing, I would like to continue for the fundamental pillar of this, the SEO. In this article I will give 9 tips to improve the SEO of your company, for which it is not necessary to have great technical knowledge of computer science.

What’s mean SEO?

The Search Engine Optimization consists in optimize a website to improve its ranking in the search engines.

There are two SEO types:

  • SEO on page: it is the SEO we work in our website. With a keyword research, good content or a good usability.
  • SEO off Page: in this case we try to improve the ranking working away the web. I mean, with a linkbuilding strategy, working the social networks, We have to achieve external links to our website.

9 SEO tips to improve your ranking

1.) Keywords: the first step to have a good ranking is to choose the right keywords. If you want to get them, you have to do a keywords research and a benchmark. A suggestion is to have at least the keyword twice in you text.

2.) Content: the search engines are more exquisite every day. They are prioritizing the content for humans and not for them, for the machines. It’s simple, the better content you write, and the longer the user will be on your web. Google likes that, and therefore you.

In addition, the content must be perfectly structured. In this way Google will know the structure and the different levels of your web page and its content. For example:

  1. Main title H1: must include the selected keyword.
  2. Subtitle H2: must also include the selected keyword or a variation of it.
  3. Meta tags: there is a kind of summary that is given to search engines to show to users. You must include the selected keyword and give enough information about what you will find on your page. meta tittles

3.) Hosting: it’s a key aspect of the website, and there are many people who don’t consider it. A good hosting gives a lot of advantages to the web. The charge will be faster, more cache could be saved and the probably to fall is little. There are a lot of companies that offer hosting. The 3 that I know personally are 1and1, webempresa and PiensaSolutions. I have my hosting hired in PiensaSolutions, I don’t have any complaint for the moment.diferentes hostings

4.) Loading Speed: society wants everything immediately, and Google knows it. That is why it gives so much importance to the loading speed of a website. According to Google, a website must load in less than 3 seconds. Don’t worry if your web load slower, it’s normal. The average is in 5-7 seconds. The loading speed depends on several factors such as:

  • Hosting
  • CCS
  • JavaScript
  • Images and videos

It’s important to have all the multimedia and data files optimized and compressed. In the following image we can observe how one my client website is high optimized, and close to those 3 seconds. I’m sure that with a better hosting the time will be lower.

velocidad alvargonzález abogados5.) Friendly URLs: we understand that a friendly URL is that which is simple to understand both for search engine and people. It’s recommended not to include numbers or special characters; in addition an appropriate length is important. Here are woe examples:

  • Firiendly URL: es/articulo-sobre-seo/
  • Un-Friendly URL: :es/blog/20-02/2018/articulo-sobre-el-seo/%

6.) Optimized images: the first step is to compress the images as much as possible. Then the size chosen must be the adequate, and finally, the Alt label must be filled.

7.) Favicon: something as simple as this could’ be missing in this list of 9 tips to improve the SEO. The favicon is the logo that appears in the web tab. Google gives importance to it, although it goes unnoticed for many users. In the next image, we can see the whatsapp’s favicon. favicon

8.) SSL Certificate: this protocol is used to know if a website is safe for the users. The search engines give importance to this section, and it is said that Google will block the web that haven’t it. It’s very simple to acquire. All the webs that sell hosting and domains will offer too this certificate. In the next image, we can observe a google SSl certificate. codigo ssl

9.) Links: have a lot weight for the search engines, both internal and external links:

  • Internal links: a good use of internal links will indicate Google that the content of the web is related to each other.
  • External links: place external links to another web is also well valued, not only for Google. Google gives quality to the links, if you send a link to a website that isn’t related to the subject, Google will give it 0 values, and you can be punished.
  • No-Follow links: sometimes we direct traffic to a website, but we don’t want Google to take it into account. To do this, the No Follow label was created. Google won’t give any value to that link, but your users will be able to reach the webpage.

Digital world and SEO aren’t as complex as many people think. With this list of 9 tips to improve theSEO you will improve the position in the search engine rankings. Although as you know, SEO takes time to have effects.


See you in the next article!

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