The importance of Local SEO

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The importance of Local SEO

As I have already commented on several articles and pages on my website, there are a lot of organic positioning strategies. From my point of view, the best technique to improve this positioning is local SEO. This positioning strategy is aimed especially for small and medium companies, and in this article I will show you the importance of local SEO in Gijón or any region of Spain.

What is Local SEO?

It is useless to know the importance of local SEO without knowing what we are talking about. When we talk about local SEO, we refer to techniques aimed at increasing the visibility of our website in a specific geographical location. In short, when a person who is in Gijón and looking for «Italian restaurant», only Italian restaurants in Gijón will come out as search results.

This does not mean that the local SEO is not compatible with a global or national positioning. It simply consists in getting closer to the local public.

Let’s take another example. I have a legal office with two offices, one in Gijón and another in Oviedo. Well, if I want to work with local SEO, one of the measures I will have to take is to have a page for each city on the web. That is to say, «Legal Advice in Gijón» and «Legal Advice in Oviedo».

What is the use of improving local SEO?

It is obvious that nowadays the presence on the internet has become a «must» for any business that wants to grow and obtain good results. Internet access in Spain exceeds 90% and everyone searches online before going to a new restaurant, hairdresser … A decade ago we bought according to what the brand sold us, or we always went to the same restaurants or hairdressers . Now it is not like that.

Now people do a research on the Internet, and make their decision based on 3 aspects:

  1. Positioning: the first result of Google takes more than 75% of all clicks, and the first page takes 90%. Therefore, the sooner you leave, the more likely you are to be selected.
  2. Proximity: this point is the most logical. Having a service near our location is one of the final reasons to choose between 2 destinations. Hence the importance of always indicating the direction to the search engines.
  3. Valuations: a quite fundamental aspect nowadays. The mouth – ear of the 21st century. Before going to any service, or buying any product we look at the valuations of them. If you have a good valuation, people will come, otherwise, that option will be discarded.

In the image that I show below you can see these 3 aspects. In this case they are shown by distance with my position. We can see how well, or badly, a law firm is valued, the distance and how to contact them. Being honest, who would not want to go between those positions?
seo local ejemplo

The main thing to keep in mind is that quality content must be offered to our target audience. For two reasons, on the one hand we get more traffic to the web, and on the other hand we carve a good image.

How to improve Local SEO? 6 Tips to improve Local SEO

Once I have explained that it is Local SEO, it is time to give some tricks to get the most out of this strategy.

  1. Google My Business: this is the first step that must be done whenever a company is actually created. In this tab you will put the basic information about your business and contact forms. It is the place where people will put your evaluations and your card will be for the public. The more optimized the card, the more information Google can offer to your users. In the following image you can see my Google My Business tab in Gijón. It is seen that there is a valuation and that I indicated all the necessary information to contact me.

  2. Define the NAP: this expression comes from the abbreviations in English Name, Adress and Phone. It is important to indicate the same NAP on your website. Recommended to appear on all pages, and therefore it is important to indicate this information in the footer.
  3. Location pages: in the event that the company has several locations it is important to create a page for each city. If you have an office in Oviedo and another in Gijón, you should create a page for each of the cities. Where the telephone number and the specific location of each city is indicated. In the following image you can see how for this law firm I made a specific page for each of your offices.páginas de ubicaciones seo local
  4. Local Content: in this case I am referring to the use of local keywords. On my website you can see perfectly. How I use the words Gijón and Madrid a lot. My main keyword for my SEO consultant section is for example «SEO Consultant in Gijón«.
  5. Name of the city in H1-H2: as I have explained in some occasions, Google gives more weight to the titles of the pages than to the paragraphs. Therefore it is advisable to put the name of the location that we want to position in some title of the page.
  6. Inclusion of a map: Google has updated its policy in this aspect, which complicates its use a bit. But it is interesting to put a map on the contact page. In addition, the address placed in the footer must have a link to Google Maps.

Is a Local SEO strategy advisable?

Yes. More and more people are realizing the importance of Local SEO for a positive digital marketing strategy. This type of strategy is what I always recommend to people interested in positioning for their website. After all, our target audience is closer than we think. I trust that you give it a turn, and that you apply the tricks that I have told you to improve the Local SEO of your company.

See you in the next article!

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